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NFT Guide for Sex Workers and Artists


By Cryptonatrix, the OG crypto femdom artist, in NFTs since September 2020.
So, you want to get into NFTs? Maybe you heard they can make you rich, maybe you are looking for more control over your content. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you don’t know if it’s worth it. Whatever brought you here, know that your experience will be unlike mine or anyone else’s. In this guide, I offer you the basics of what I’ve learned – without sugarcoating any of it. The point of this technology should be independence, so I show you how to use it with as little reliance on middlemen as possible.

You are always welcome to contact me with additional questions after reading the guide. Upon downloading, I will also add your email to a list for any future updated versions of the guide.


  • Introduction: Why mint independently?

  • Disclaimer: NFA, DYOR

  • Artist identity: Who will you be?

  • What will you mint?

  • Where will you mint?

  • Security / setting up your web3 wallets

  • Minting on Tezos

  • Minting on OpenSea

  • Other ETH platforms

  • ERC-721 smart contracts

  • Pricing + royalties

  • Getting your stuff out there

  • Trading NFT collectibles

  • How to do research

  • Conclusion

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a 12-page guide to NFTs made with sex workers in mind, that applies to all artists.

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12 pages

NFT Guide for Sex Workers and Artists

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